FAQ! (who we are, what we do, etc)

What is Bearings?

We are a group of folx who consider bike riding, bike maintenance, community, and DIY skill sharing very important!! We are working to  create a safer space for all sorts of people to come and learn how to work on their bikes.

What do we do?

We help people learn basic bike maintenance skills. We are NOT all bike mechanics but we are committed to sharing the skills we have while learning new ones!!  Though we won’t fix your bike for you, and we aren’t a bike shop, we do offer classes to teach you how to work on your own bike, and open shop time where you can come and use our tools, knowledge, and good company if you already have the skills.

Our collective is run by women, trans*, queer, and people of color-this is part of our mission to create and offer a  space run by folx who are mostly marginalized in the cycling community.

Who can come to Bearings?


Bearings is a Women, Transgender, Queer and People of Color-run project (meaning these folks are in leadership roles) but we are open to ALL people, anyone can come in, anyone can volunteer.  Our doors are open to everyone in the community who values a safe, friendly,comfortable,open-minded environment.  Yes, straight boys, that means you’re welcome, too!

(If you are under 18 please have an adult accompany you)


How do I get involved in Bearings Bike Project?

Bearings is a 100% volunteer run project and we are always looking for new folks to get involved!!  If you’re interested in volunteering (staffing an open shop night, teaching a class, helping with the website, stripping bikes, helping people with bikes, etc), please email us at bmorebearings@gmail.com


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